Assorted musings and Shenaningans



I am Nebez Kassem - a frontend-developer and UX & UI designer.
This is my website for my various Github projects and other assorted things.

A little bit about me

For as long as I can remember, I have been creating things and playing around on computers. I grew up to wanting to be a 3D graphics artist working with videogames. I still illustrate and work with 3D, but nowadays I am focused on designing and creating things with the end-user experience in mind.
The cultural medium I devote the best part of my free time are video and computer games. I play games not only because I think they are fun, but also because I think they are interesting.
This is an interest me and my girlfriend are very passionate about, so we spend a lot of time cultivating our mutual love and interest for the medium.
My interest in interactive media doesn't exclude a more broad interest in culture. I like to watch and study film and I read books, and I believe media-literacy is very important to learn and to promote. Besides that, I also have a very deep interest in science and history.
My other hobbies are drawing and painting, writing fiction, and playing a little bit of bass-guitar because I feel it is important to have a variety of creative outlets.
I occasionally live-stream my endeavors in digital painting and illustration.

Here's my CV
You can find me over here: