Assorted musings and Shenaningans

Some of my projects

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A Discord bot for writing sprints

Sprintato is a Discord bot written with node and discord.js. It helps a writer to focus and adds a competitive element to writing. The basic idea is to write as much as possible within a set time frame, usually 15-20 minutes. You can then add how many words you have managed to write and compare the amount of new words and your words-per-minute with others who also joined the sprint.
Quick LFG

Quick LFG

A universal looking for group app

Quick LFG is a mobile-first website for gamers looking to quickly find a group of players to play with. It was created as the final project of AW Academy Online Coding Bootcamp. I was part of a group where my role was lead and I was responsible for setting up the architecture of the app.
The app has a simple, easy to use interface and advanced features such as chat and blocking.
It is built with React, TypeScript, Bootstrap, and it uses Google Firebase in the back end.


A small React Native app

This is an app I wrote to try out React Native. It makes use of the and it currently displays a list of all Pokémon available. Through the app the user is able to open and check the details of each entry, set up and view a list of one or more favorites which is then saved with AsyncStorage.